How it made?

At a previously agreed time we can conjure the atmosphere of the summer sky in you room. The creation is invisible int he daytime, but as the sun goes down the stars come to life and shine. The stars do not expire at the same time, but gradually, so after hours the can create the feeling of the summer dawn. Int he visual of the Nightsky beside the realistic constellations and the thousands of stars of the universe show up the galaxies and shootinf stars too.


It’s importantto have a complete darkness to achieve the perfect experience.

How it works/Operation

The special dye of the Nightsky is a non-contiguous, thin layer on your ceiling. It’ emitting the light collected by the daytime gradually by night. It depends on the characteristics, on the location and ont he sizes of the windows of the room how much the Nightsky can be charged and how long it will lighting at night. In rooms where it isn’t charged properly, it can charged with an UV lamp before useing. In a room being prepared we can plan the UV lamp with separate swich or we can use other moveable options too.

Nightsky Ceiling FAQ

How does the Nightsky Ceiling work?

We use a special phosphorescent pigment that reacts to UV light. The light it absorbs in the day time is gradually emitted during the night. Its light is much more intense than the phosphorescent paints available in stores and the period over which it can emit the absorbed light is ten times longer.

For how long does it glow?

Depending on the charging level, the Nightsky Ceiling can glow for 2-8 hours. The charging level depends on the amount of natural light available, and thus it is crucial when ordering to specify the size and number of windows in the room and the amount of light they are exposed to. If the windows are too small or only a relatively small amount of light reaches them, you should ask for extra light sources to illuminate the ceiling, for example, a spotlight, a UV tube, UV light bulb etc.

What is the lifespan of the product?

The manufacturer gives a 25-year warranty on the paints, but since this is not tested by our company we offer a 7 year guarantee on the Nightsky Ceiling.

Can it be washed off? Is it waterproof?

The paint itself is a water-based paint, but after it has completely dried, it does not dissolve. This makes it usable in areas with relatively high humidity, such as bathrooms, or even in saunas or above a swimming pool.

What kind of paint is it made of? Does it contain radioactive materials?

For the preparation of the Nightsky Ceiling we only use phosphorescent, UV reagent paint that meets strict quality standards. The quality certificate given by the manufacturer guarantees that the paint contains no radioactive materials.

What surfaces can the Nightsky Ceiling be painted on?

It can be painted on virtually any surface. The material and colour of the surface does not influence the experience of the Nightsky Ceiling, but it might make it visible during the day. The Nightsky Ceiling is invisible on white or other light coloured ceilings. It is alsoa good idea to paint it on sawdust wallpaper because the painted stars are not noticeable on rough surfaces.

Does the surface need any preparation?

The surfaces do not need any preparation. However, it is recommended that any upcoming painting of the room is brought forward, so that the Nightsky Ceiling can serve for its full lifespan.

Is it messy or dirty?

Painting the Nightsky Ceiling does not involve any mess or getting dirty, as we use masking when and where it is needed. We leave the room as we found it, so the surprise for the recipient will be as perfect as possible: they will only become aware of the Nightsky Ceiling at nightfall and not from the mess left behind.

How should I prepare the room?

There is no need to empty your room for us to paint the Nightsky Ceiling. However, you must ensure that every inch of the ceiling is reachable from a ladder, and since most of the work has to be done in darkness, you must ensure that the room is darkened, too. This means the room must be pitch black.

How does the paint absorb the light? What size of windows and what kind of light is needed to charge it?

The Nightsky Ceiling absorbs the natural light that comes into the room, and therefore you need the appropriate size of windows. If there is not enough natural light, you can charge it with UV lamps, or you can use a UV light bulb or a spotlight. When not charged with natural light the ceiling glows for less time. Using UV light it charges faster but lasts a shorter time. If you light it using permanent UV lighting, there is no need for prior charging and you get a sparkling, more intense experience.

Do I need some sort of special lighting?

Not at all. In fact the Nightsky Ceiling is best experienced in total darkness. If you would like to see something else in the room besides the Nightsky Ceiling, for example, in an aroma-therapy room or a massage-room, we recommend a permanent UV light.

How is it done?

Using water-based paints we hand-paint the illusion of the starry night sky with recognisable constellations and appropriate proportions.

Why can’t the customer be present while the ceiling is being painted?

Since the Nightsky Ceiling is made in different stages, and it can not be enjoyed fully in individual stages, we would like the customer to get the first impression based upon the completed ceiling.

Can I ask for a unique image?

Every Nightsky Ceiling is made according to the customers’ ideas so every Nightsky Ceiling is a unique creation. It is possible to ask for other images, for example, cartoon or fairy-tale characters, but in all these cases it is necessary to clarify the price and feasibility.

Does the ceiling need to be painted black?

No, it does not. The Nightsky Ceiling is painted over the original colour of the ceiling. It is invisible only on light backgrounds but it can be painted over any coloured ceiling.

Does it move?

The Nighsky Ceiling is a wall-painting so it does not move. However, some of our customers have told us that when they woke up in the middle of the night under the Nightsky Ceiling their heartbeats alone were enough to create the illusion of movement.

How dark does the room need to be?

It needs to be as dark as when we look at the actual stars in the night sky. Light pollution ruins the experience in the case of the Nightsky Ceiling as well.

Is the image astronomically accurate?

The relative location of star constellations is realistic but we have to choose what to paint according to the features of the room so the ceiling will not become a sky map.

Is it visible during the day? Is it annoying during the day?

The Nightsky Ceiling is invisible during the day depending on the colour of the ceiling unless someone wants it to be seen. In that case, a separate light source is needed.

What is the difference between the Nightsky Ceiling and the stickers and other phosphorescent paints available in stores?

First of all, the Nightsky ceiling glows ten times longer than any other technique and has a much more sparkling light since it was especially developed for this purpose. Invisible in the daytime, the Nightsky Ceiling reproduces a lifelike three-dimensional view of the starry sky with nebulae and real constellations.

Does it vanish if I paint it over?

Yes, it does. The painting of the Nightsky Ceiling vanishes completely if painted over because it is painted in such a thin layer that even a single layer of paint covers it perfectly.

Can it be painted on sidewalls?

Yes, of course. It is even desirable to do so because corners are undetectable and you will have the sensation that the entire dome of the heavens is falling on you.

Can it be used in nightclubs or bars?

Yes, it can be painted in a nightclub as well using a special paint visible only in UV light, in which case there is no need for complete darkness but continuous UV lighting must be provided.

Does it help children who are scared of the dark and have trouble sleeping?

We received feedback that children who could only sleep with a night lamp on calmed down and gazed amazed at the stars and shooting stars.

Does it harm your eyes if you look at it for a long time?

There is nothing dangerous or harmful in the Nightsky Ceiling for just like the stars of the night sky, the stars of the Nightsky Ceiling emit a low-power light and any extra light can ruin the experience.

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